Update! The power symbols are now part of Unicode 9.0!

Unicode contains many useful and interesting characters – ☺, ☃, ❄, ☆, ♫, ⌨, ☏, ☂, ⏏ etc.

We felt that it was missing a crucial character which has practical value in everyday life –
The IEC Power Symbol.

You probably see this symbol several times a day – it’s on computers, phones, games consoles, speakers, kettles, and all manner of electrical items.

Our aim was to get the IEC Power Symbols – ⏻ ⏼ ⏽ ⭘ ⏾ – into a future version of Unicode. To that end, we wrote a proposal to the Unicode Consortium for their consideration. This proposal was accepted at UTC138 and the symbols are now part of Unicode 9.0!

You can start using the symbols now!

This table shows the HTML Entity Number for each symbol.

Character Escape Code Symbol Your default font
Power ⏻
Toggle Power ⏼
Power On ⏽
Power Off ⭘
Sleep Mode ⏾

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3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Yay! You did it! For awhile I was thinking you were going to have to submit a cartoon emoji of the power symbol before they’d add it. “We propose for u23FB a smiley face where the grin has gotten so large it has wrapped around and squished the two eyes into a cyclops. The uses of such a character in the Unicode standard are, of course, obvious.”

  2. Congratulations that your symbols have been added to Unicode officially,
    though it is now some years ago! 🙂
    somehow these characters sadly have not been implemented to iOS already.
    Probably it just takes a while until they do so.

    Something I was always wondering is also that there are no symbols for hardware components,
    e.g. microprocessors,
    which would be sick/cool too 🙂

    A restful day wishes,

    Janek P

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