iOS 14 gets support for the Power Symbol!

It has been four years since Unicode officially accepted the Power Symbols into the standard. Now I’m delighted to announce that users on iOS 14 are finally able to use the full set of Power Symbols.

⏻ ⏼ ⭘ ⏽ ⏾

They’re available to use in the browser, in emails, and messages.

Here’s how they look, in both dark and light mode:

Sadly, Android users still can’t take advantage of these new symbols. Although Google have added them to their Noto fonts – they show a curious reluctance in rolling them out to Android. Hopefully this new iOS availability will help them reconsider.

If you’d like to add these symbols to your desktop computer, or your website, you can download the Power Symbols font.

Huge thanks to the gang at Apple for helping bring these characters to millions of users.